I will be exploring three topics that encompass my concerns as a creative practitioner and student of personal development: food, body, and mind. My interests are the pursuit of nutritional excellence and how we use food as the key source of health and energy; how we approach training the body, as a system, to serve our goals; and lastly how we can use the mind in integrating, improving, and making meaning of our continuing struggle to remain sane and healthy in today’s times.

I would like to approach this blog as a “practice journal” — something that I can share with others, “lifehacks” if you will, about eating and food, training the body and mind. More significantly, it would also focus on the intersection (or relationships) between food and mind, food and body, mind and body. I would argue that the success or failure of our efforts (in our personal goals of health, personal relationships, or our life’s work) depend more on how we manage these fundamental “intersections.”

Creating a healthy relationship with food requires both correct knowledge about nutrition, but more importantly, the ability to manage the emotional “gestalt” that gets in the way of recognizing and responding to true “physiological hunger.” As such, correct eating is really a yogic practice.

Food affects mood. Mood affects food. What comes first? And how do we break the negative dynamics that ultimately lead to disease? How does food affect the body, and what happens to the systems (structurally, physiologically, energetically) when we do not sustain it with proper nutrients, overloading it beyond its capacity to repair and regenerate itself? Lastly, how do we move towards integrating the fracture between our bodies as a vehicle and physical system, and the emotional/mental/spiritual objectives that define the pursuit of “a good and meaningful life?”

How do we get clear about right action? What actions should we do to obtain clarity in our lives?

We are what we eat. Food is a portal to the body-mind. It is both dependent and independent variable. Simultaneously, interdependently, con/sequentially, each one negating or supporting the other. Food. Body. Mind.

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