Excerpts re. Mind Training

From Tarthang Tulku’s Mastering Successful Work, from the chapter on “Developing Concentration:”

“As the body and mind relax more fully, energy released from emotional patterns and the binding power of inner dialogues becomes available to support concentration and align itself with knowledge. Balanced and made more open through relaxation, awareness can direct both concentration and energy in new ways. Reminding, encouraging, allowing, suggesting, and advising, awareness supports the deepening of concentration into the fullness of contemplation. ” (p.210)

“Mind can promote contemplation at any time, making it a part of daily work and life. Once one thought has been extended through full concentration, other thoughts or sense perceptions can be extended as well. As we improve our understanding of how to exercise awareness, concentration, and energy, contemplation occurs naturally.

“To develop contemplation as we work, we can bring awareness to time, awareness to energy, and awareness to awareness. We can put energy into energy, energy into time, and energy into concentration. We can concentrate on awareness, concentrate on time, and concentrate on concentration. Each day we can choose whatever aspect we find most suitable or consider lacking. Whatever we are doing, at any time, we can continue with this active refinement.

“As we develop sensitive ways to practice, awareness records them in memory, preserving for mind the knowledge they embody. As we perfect our inner qualities, they likewise come together in mind and are preserved in awakened awareness. Awareness becomes so open and sensitive that it registers recognition of experience directly. Unfolding of its own accord, awareness records, carries on, and becomes more perfected, making knowledge available without any special effort to recall or remember. (p. 213)

And finally, on p. 215, we stumble upon “Exercise 69 – Understanding Interactions:”

“As you develop the practice of contemplation, apply it to explore the active interplay of awareness, concentration, and energy. Consider, for example, these possible connections:

Awareness of awareness leads to insight. Concentration on awareness leads to illumination. Energy applied to awareness leads to clarity.”

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