The concept of kosas or sheaths of being is a key concept in yoga. Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar in his book Light on Life, states: “True health requires not only the effective functioning of the physical exterior of our being, but also the vitality, strength, and sensitivity of the subtle levels within.”

Annamaya kosa (the anatomical body) encompasses four other subtle bodies. Managing the energetic/organic body (pranamaya kosa) will depend on our ability to create alignment and harmony first at the level of the anatomic body, and so forth. Without this basic alignment, no progress can happen. Then integration between the different kosas/levels can occur.

What’s interesting is that chi kung (e.g., through the practice of standing meditation), also targets alignment and energetic development as a goal. Very interesting how two separate body-mind traditions arrive at the same destination in slightly different routes.

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